The ELA Dictation

In each edition, a renowned author writes an original text dedicated to the fight against the disease. This text is then used in a dictation to launch ELA week. Read by a teacher or a personality, this dictation is a support for exchanges on solidarity, citizenship, respect, disability… For this 2022 edition, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, Prix Goncourt 2021, has lent himself to the game.
The ELA Dictation 2022 took place on Monday 17 October.

Nearly 2,700 schools mobilised for the ELA Dictation 2022

The mobilisation continues!

It is not necessary to have participated in the ELA Dictation beforehand to take part in the “Wear your trainers and beat disease” campaign.
If you want to organise “Wear your trainers” and run for the children of ELA,
do not wait any longer and register online by clicking on this link.

You can rediscover previous ELA Dictations, all written by renowned writers here.

Dictée d'ELA

Some answers to your questions..

Is this an ordinary dictation?
No, this dictation is first and foremost a message of solidarity whose aim is to unite the school community around the cause of ELA. It is neither an evaluation exercise nor a spelling bee. This will allow students to self-correct, which is a way of absorbing the text and making the message their own.

Who can participate?
The ELA Dictation is open to all students, from primary school to higher education. Depending on the class level, you can adapt it:

noting difficult words on the board,
by copying the beginning of the text on the board and dictating only the end,
by filling in a gap in the text.

How to organise the dictation?
You are free to organise this event as you wish. However, here are some tips:

distribute a photocopy of the original text to each person who will read the dictation, which we enclose. Read the text before the day of the dictation;
On the day, when the pupils are settled in the classroom, the head teacher or the teacher presents the ELA association, the event, the author of the text, the personality who may have accepted your invitation to read the dictation;
Before doing the dictation, we advise you to play the ELA video (about 15 minutes). It will allow you to raise awareness of the association’s fight;
Once the dictation is over, we encourage you to create a moment of exchange between the students and the personalities present around the notions of disability and solidarity….
For primary schools, feel free to invite parents to join the pupils in doing the dictation.

Be original: invite a reader!
You can invite a reader to come and read the dictation. This makes the event even more attractive to both students and the media. You can, for example, ask an elected municipal official, a member of the departmental or regional council, a local sportsman or woman, a company director, etc. The presence of a reader is of course optional.