The run "Wear your trainers"

Wear your trainers at school

A citizen and solidarity operation

Since 1994, ELA has been inviting all schools, from primary to higher education, to join the fight against leukodystrophies through its “Wear your trainers and beat disease” campaign.


How does it work?

The “Wear your trainers and beat disease” solidarity operation designed for schools is entirely free and provided on a turnkey basis.


I have participated in many Dictations and “Wear your trainers” operations! What I have tried to give, ELA gives me in return.

Béatrice Hess, Paralympic champion, honorary member of ELA

The whole family is mobilised for ELA: my wife is a PE teacher and organises the “Wear your trainers” operation in her school. Our son has grown up and become a top-level sportsman like me, he wears the colours of ELA. He has participated in Dictations and cross-country events.

Jackson Richardson, handball player, ELA sponsor