Donate by text

Make a donation to ELA from your mobile!

1. To make a donation, text the keyword DON followed by the full amount of your choice to 92 912.

For example:

DON5 for a donation of 5 €,
DON10 for a donation of 10 €,
DON15 for a donation of 15 €
DON20 for a donation of 20 €.
The maximum amount possible per text is 20 (up to a maximum of €50 per month).

2. You will receive a text confirmation with a link to a form that will allow you to send us, if you wish, your contact details to obtain a tax receipt.

3. Your tax receipt will be sent to you by e-mail or post, according to the information you have given us, the month following your donation.

Does my operator accept donations by text?

Donations by text are possible with the following French mobile operators:
Bouygues Telecom
Free (donation amount is limited to €10)

How much can you give?

You can donate up to €50 per month by text. If this limit is reached, we will let you know by return text and you will still have the possibility to make a donation to ELA on our website.

Why choose to donate by text?

Donating by text allows you to make a donation anonymously, simply and quickly, without transmitting any banking or personal information about yourself. When you make a donation by text to ELA, you will receive an automatic thank-you text from your operator, in which you will be asked to follow a link to fill in a form and obtain your tax receipt from ELA. It is only within this framework, with your explicit agreement, that we will obtain your contact details to send you your tax receipt and, if you also agree, any other information from us.