The concept

Discover “Wear your trainers and beat disease”

Since 1994, the association has been inviting all schools, from primary to higher education, to join in the fight against leukodystrophies through its “Wear your trainers and beat disease” campaign. The aim is to create a great surge of generosity. Schools, colleges, high schools… everybody can participate. Since 1996, this campaign has been sponsored by the Ministry of Education. This support is renewed every year and demonstrates the educational value of the project and encourages all schools to get involved with ELA.

 Letter of support from the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports
• Link to the page dedicated to ELA on the website of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports

Discover why “Wear your trainers and beat disease” is an ideal support for solidarity action!

Wear your trainers and beat disease at school

The objectives

Through this awareness campaign, the ELA association has set itself objectives, year after year, which it shares with the greatest number of establishments:
• make the young participants ambassadors of the awareness message to their friends and family, who reward their sporting effort with a donation for ELA,
• collect donations for medical research and support for families affected by leukodystrophy.

A 3-step campaign

“Wear your trainers and beat disease” raises young people’s awareness of illness, solidarity, respect and disability. It is organised around three key moments:
• the ELA Dictation, to raise awareness,
• Wear your trainers, to take action and collect donations,
• the ELA Ambassador Award, to reward.

“Wear your trainers and beat disease”: an essential resource for ELA

In addition to encouraging civic values, “Wear your trainers and beat disease” helps finance medical research and support families. Since the creation of the operation, the donations collected represent more than half of the sums allocated by ELA to the financing of medical research and the support of families, an essential resource for the association and the families concerned.