Organise “Wear your trainers and beat disease”

“Wear your trainers”: a turnkey operation

Taking part in “Wear your trainers and beat disease” means walking, running, challenging yourself, letting off steam, getting some fresh air and putting your energy into a civic and solidarity-based cause!

Schools can organise “Wear your trainers” on a date of their choice. It is a solidarity event, usually sporting, but can also be cultural or educational, during which pupils commit themselves to the ELA cause and symbolically lend their legs to children affected by leukodystrophy who can no longer use them.

This year, people are working hard for sick children, breaking records by lending their legs to children with leukodystrophy who can no longer use them.

Discover, in pictures, an operation organised at Collège Condorcet in Bresles (60)

Register your institution

On the date of their choice, schools can register via the online form or by telephone by contacting the team on + 33 3 83 33 48 52. Once the registration has been registered, ELA will send the organisers a free digital kit containing all the digital material for the campaign and then, by post, all the material needed to set up their event: awareness video, posters, bibs, banner, collection means for the pupils, etc

Raising awareness and providing information

As soon as you register, ELA will send you the awareness-raising material free of charge. Upon receipt of the materials provided by ELA, the teachers organize themselves to inform the students (by class or group of classes) and talk about the fight against leukodystrophies using the ELA awareness video.


To raise awareness effectively, it is essential that the awareness-raising video (approximatively 13 minutes) is shown and commented on to all participants. You can then distribute the collection materials, making clear the instructions for use.

Collecting donations

The students look for people in their circle of acquaintances who agree to reward their sporting effort for the benefit of ELA by making a donation or a pledge thanks to the materials provided by the association.
Since its creation in 1994, “Wear your trainers and beat disease” has raised more than half of the sums devoted by ELA to financing medical research and support for families.


The schools that participate in the “Wear your trainers” operation can sponsor a school, a college, a high school… The more schools participate, the more they allow ELA to develop its action.

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