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The ELA Dictation

French pupils eagerly look forward to the ELA Dictation, which is a special event involving teachers, pupils and all those who wish to take part in an expression of solidarity with sufferers from the diseases. The text for the dictation is devised by a famous writer and is more than just a language test: it is meant to provide opportunities for exchange and discussion about disability, respect and solidarity with sufferers. On the first Monday in October the dictation is read out to pupils in all French schools by their teacher, a celebrity, or an ELA sponsor.

And after the dictation?

Pupils taking part in the dictation competition will be expected to pass the text around to as many as possible of their classmates, and also their parents, friends and other people they know. It is up to them to choose which media to use: the Internet, posters, photos, and so on. Next, pupils prepare over the course of the school year for Operation ‘Shoes On and Beat the Disease’, another key moment which links sport and solidarity.


On Monday, october 5th, Mr. Luc Chatel, Minister of Education participated in this event with Guy Alba, the ELA association chairman, and Guillaume Musso, writer of the dictation called “the dictionnary” (“Le dictionnaire” in french) in a school in Paris.

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