The research projects financed by ELA in 2012

Written on Wednesday 6 February 2013

In 2012, the ELA Foundation financed 20 scientific and medical research projects into leukodystrophies for a total of 1,727,729 euros.

The following were financed:

  • 8 new projects for a total investment of 810,852 euros,
  • 11 renewed projects for a total investment of 822,877 euros,
  • 1 new PUSH project on diagnosing leukodystrophies for a total investment of 94,000 euros.



The new PUSH project “Diagnosing leukodystrophies”

To improve the diagnosis of leukodystrophies, Professor Jean-Louis Mandel aims to develop a molecular diagnosis method based on cell." >DNA target enrichment coupled with high debit sequencing of the 64 genes known to be involved in leukodystrophies or leucoencephalopathies with serious white matter abnormalities. This new technology will enable doctors to make a more systematic diagnosis of leukodystrophies when the gene responsible for the illness is known. The project will be integrated into an overall national approach aimed at hopefully implementing this kind of diagnosis in hospital laboratories. The project will be twinned with the Push project into undefined leukodystrophies which is also underway currently to facilitate research into new unknown genes.

As a reminder, the aim of “Push” projects is to bring together experts and partners to launch projects providing missing “building blocks” for ELA’s research objectives. Here is information on the other PUSH projects which are underway.

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