Meetings of the regulatory authorities of the ELA Foundation

Written on Wednesday 6 February 2013

13th meeting of the scientific committee

The members of the ELA Foundation scientific committee met on the 2nd of October 2012 in Paris, to evaluate the research projects received following the 2012 call for bids.

In total, 36 new research projects were examined and judged as to their scientific quality, along with 11 projects to be renewed and one new push project on the diagnosis of leukodystrophies. The results of the evaluations were transmitted to the members of the Foundation’s steering committee.

14th meeting of the steering committee

The 14th meeting of the ELA Foundation steering committee was held on the 5th of November 2012 in Paris.

During this meeting, the committee members examined the classification of the 2012 new research projects established by the scientific council. They also studied its recommendations for the renewal of ongoing research projects. Moreover, they gave their advice concerning the new push project.

Following the different examinations, the steering committee members decided to propose to the monitoring council the financing of 8 new research projects, the renewal for an additional year of all 11 research projects in progress, as well as the financing of the new push project on the diagnosis of leukodystrophies.

Because of an overload in activity, Mme Jacqueline Lecourtier will not be able to participate in the assignments of the Foundation’s steering committee as initially planned.

17th meeting of the board of trustees

The ELA Foundation’s board of trustees met on the 15th of November 2012 at the Danone Group head office in Paris, in the presence of Marie-Josée Duran, scientific coordinator, Philippe Faveaux, president of the executive  board and Françoise Laplazie, government auditor.

On the basis of recommendations of the scientific council and the propositions of the steering committee, the members of the board of trustees approved the 2012 research finances to the sum of 1,727,729 euros. Consult the funding details.

During this meeting, the trustees also validated the prospective budget of the Foundation for 2013.

Olivier Coutrix, Florent Pagny, Bernard Panza, Olivier Pardo and Zinédine Zidane were excused from this meeting.