A monitoring committee keeps watch over the state of progress of the biobank

Written on Sunday 12 May 2013

On the 30th of April 2013, the monitoring committee of the D3B Leuko project met for the first time. The aim of this project is to create a bank of biological samples, or biobank, linked to a clinical database, for patients suffering from leukodystrophies. At the request of ELA, this monitoring committee will allow the project’s progress to be reviewed with all the financial and operational partners (CHU, ARS).

The future Lorraine biological resource Centre

Last September, Nancy-Brabois CHU (54) provided ELA with a building located near to the French Blood Establishment (EFS) (this organisation should soon be moving into new quarters that have been built in the town). The team of architects thus began the project for the new layout of the premises, which takes into account the installation of different material needs (freezers, liquid nitrogen storage facilities etc.) and all that is necessary for handling of the samples stored in optimum conditions.
The public authorities have strongly expressed a desire to work with the ELA project to remedy the current dispersal of storage sites in Nancy. The proposed renovations and the equipment scheduled will answer worries about optimisation of the public investment, by collecting biological samples from different biobanks at a single site.
The representatives of the CHU made a point of stressing the major coordinating role that ELA had played in this merger that is essential for the future. This more global perspective is also a guarantee: firstly, the synergies that will develop between the different people involved will reduce ulterior running costs; secondly, the risk of the leukodystrophy biological sample bank being isolated will be avoided.
Currently, the beginning of actual renovation work is suspended awaiting the relocation of the last small laboratory that occupies this EFS space, which is predicted for June 2014. Conscious of the danger that this delay represents for the project, representatives of the territorial authorities (regional and urban community) intend to intervene at the level of the EFS board to seek a rapid alternative solution.
However, this blockage has already had a negative impact: the removal of samples currently stored in Clermont-Ferrand programmed for the beginning of 2014 will certainly not be possible before June 2014.

A governance that respects the identity of each contributor

The nature of this pooling of resources should make the monitoring committee think about a mode of governance that respects the identity of each component of the project. Integrating a larger community into the project will contribute to ensure the longevity of the biological sample bank that ELA sets up. At a time when public, and private, funding is becoming rare, this is a way to guarantee an optimal utilization of finances. The committee must also pay attention to ensure that the ELA specificity is not lost in the entirety of the group.

The clinical database

The greatest issue of the project is the development of an information system dedicated to leukodystrophies. Despite geographical distances, this must answer the needs expressed by health professionals to be able to work together in a more collaborative fashion, for the benefit of the patients. The information system is also the best means to establish the databases (biological ones, patient cohorts etc.) that are essential for clinical and epidemiological research and for the development of new drugs.

Composition of the monitoring committee :

  • The Regional Prefecture in charge of the administration of Regional Development of European Funding (Feder): Mme Marie Chanal
  • Lorraine Regional Council: Mr Christophe Choserot and Mr Jean-François Doriat
  • Greater Nancy Urban Community: Mr François Werner and Mme Claire Simonnet
  • Nancy CHU: Mr Olivier de Pesquidoux and Pr. Jean-Michel Vignaud
  • Lorraine Regional Health Agency: Dr Nelly Dequidt
  • ELA : Mr Guy Alba and Mr Philippe Faveaux

 Plan prior to definitive project:

Plan avant projet définitif

D3B Leuko project surface:

1-cell culture room

1-SAS access

2-washing station

3-freezer room

4-liquid nitrogen vat room

5-experiment room

6-cold room


8-laboratory waste

9-secretarial office

10-office n°1

10-office n°2

11-rest room

12-cloakroom and W.C.s

12-area of circulation

Technical locale