3rd ELA Foundation scientific congress

From June 23rd to 26th 2015 was held the 3rd Scientific Congress of the ELA Research Foundation, at the Institute of Brain and Spinal Cord in Paris (ICM).
This congress was focused on advances in the understanding of molecular mechanisms, in the diagnosis and management of leukodystrophies.

It brought together the best worldwide specialists in leukodystrophies and myelin repair, more than 30 international researchers and scientists, to highlight the progress of research in the field. The scientific program was developed by the scientific committee chaired by Charles ffrench-Constant (UK) and composed of Francesca Aloisi (Italy), Enrico Bertini (Italy), Raul Estevez (Spain), Robin Franklin (UK), Volkmar Gieselmann (Germany) ), Wolfgang Köhler (Germany), Alfried Kohlschütter (Germany), Jean-Louis Mandel (France), David Rowitch (USA), Frédéric Sedel (France), Jacqueline Trotter (Germany) and Ronald Wanders (Netherlands).


The following topics were addressed :

• Understanding the molecular mechanisms of leukodystrophies, session chaired by Jacqueline Trotter (Mainz-Germany) and moderated by Yanick Crow (ICM Paris-France) and Elena Ambrosini (Rome-Italy).
• Progress in animal models, session chaired by Anne Baron-van Evercooren (ICM Paris-France) and moderated by Orna Elroy Stein (Tel Aviv-Israel), Stephan Kemp (Amsterdam-Netherlands) and Matthias Eckhardt (Bönn-Germany).
• Imaging of myelin diseases, session chaired by David Rowitch (San Francisco-USA) and Wolfgang Köhler (Wermsdorf – Germany) and moderated by Ettore Salsano (Milan-Italy), Denis Ducreux (Bicêtre Paris-France) and Bruno Stankoff ( Saint-Antoine Paris-France).
• Molecular diagnosis, session chaired by Marjo van der Knaap (Amsterdam-Netherlands) and moderated by Imen Dorboz (ELA Paris-France) and Claire Redin (Strasbourg-France).
• Progress in Cell Therapy and Remyelination Therapy, chaired by Robin Franklin (Cambridge-UK) and moderated by Bernard Zalc (ICM Paris-France), Terri Wood (Newark-USA), Vivi Heine (Amsterdam-Netherlands) Anne Baron Van Evercooren (ICM Paris-France) and Marius Wernig (Stanford-USA).
• Pharmacological therapeutics, session chaired by Patrick Aubourg (Bicêtre Paris-France) and led by Odile Boespflug-Tanguy (Robert-Debré Paris-France), Aurora Pujol (Barcelona-Spain), Gésine Saher (Göttingen-Germany) and Frédéric Sedel (ICM Paris-France).
Gene Therapies, session chaired by Enrico Bertini (Rome-Italy) and animated by Patrick Aubourg (Bicetre Paris-France), Alessandra Biffi (Milan-Italy) and David Wenger (Philadelphia-USA).

Two panel discussion were also organized : a first for young researchers and clinicians “What is a Leukodystrophy” led by Caroline Sevin (Bicêtre Paris-France) and Florence Renaldo (Robert Debré Paris-France), and a second on the theme of “Optimization of biobank and omics clinical data” led by Charles ffrench-Constant (Edinburgh-UK) and David Rowitch (San Francisco-USA).
The young researchers were able to present their research and exchange with the experts present.

One of them, Malu-Clair Van de Beek, received an award for her presentation.

Laboratory: Genetic Metabolic Diseases – Emma’s Children’s Hospital / Academic Medical Center – University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Title of the presentation : Lipid-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy.

The active participation of the scientists and the excellent quality of the scientific presentations ensured a real success of this third congress.

We hope to renew this congress soon.