How to fight leukodystrophies?

Since its creation, ELA has been supporting research for leukodystrophies and myelin disorders. To date, 511 research projects amounting to 43,5 million Euros have been funded.

ELA aims to support research laboratories, both in France and internationally, to better understand the disease, identify the causing genes and develop new treatment strategies in a concerted effort to fightleukodystrophies and myelin disorders. Since 2005, ELA has been promoting research onleukodystrophies and myelin repair and every year, the ELA invites the international scientific community to submit research applications in the field of genetic leukodystrophies, cerebral white-matter injuries of the premature infant and myelin repair.ELA also organizes a biennial international scientific congress, bringing together some of the leading international experts in the field of leukodystrophy and myelin repair. This event is an opportunity to showcase the latest discoveries in the field, exchange knowledge and foster collaborations between research laboratories.

In order to keep families well informed, ELA organizes an annual symposium dedicated to patients and their families. This is an event where specialists can present, in lay terms, the scientific developments in the field of leukodystrophy and are available to answer any questions the families may have. It represents a unique opportunity for exchange between patients and researchers.