Zinedine Zidane climbs the Mont-Blanc for ELA

Written on Friday 14 September 2012

Accompanied by Christian Jeanpierre, the sports journalist and football commentator for the French channel TF1, who is also an active ambassador for ELA, Zinedine Zidane climbed the Mont-Blanc in the French Alps for ELA and filmed a video on the summit. For Zinedine Zidane, this challenge was intended to symbolically convey his commitment to fighting on behalf of ELA by scoring a goal at the highest altitude possible in Western Europe.

Zinedine Zidane and Christian Jeanpierre left the Aiguille du Goûter, at dawn on Saturday June 13th 2009 with a mountain guide from the “Compagnie de Saint-Gervais” and another from the “Compagnie de Chamonix”. They took the Royal Route (Voie Royale) towards the mountain’s summit which is 4810 metres (15,781 ft) above sea level.

A challenge dedicated to Azylis and all the ELA childrenazyliszz

Zinedine Zidane chose to push himself to the limit for the ELA children because they too have to make extraordinary efforts to fight this illness which gradually paralyzes all their vital body functions.

He was accompanied in this challenge by Azylis a little three-year-old girl suffering from metachromatic leukodystrophy, one of the most serious forms of leukodystrophy. Azylis has already lost her little sister Thaïs. Along with her parents she was there with Zinedine when he prepared the climb, when he left for the summit and when he returned. In May 2008 Azylis and Zinédine Zidane had also met at the European Myelin Centre in Nancy, France, for the launch of an emergency campaign for ELA children like Azylis herself.