ELA at the gene therapy Meeting concerning rare diseases in Tokyo, the 16th and 17th of January

Written on Monday 12 May 2014

At the invitation of Prs. Eto Yoshikatsu and Toya Ohashi, co-directors of the Medical Research Center for Brain Diseases, of the celebrated Medical Faculty of Jikei University, Tokyo, Guy Alba and Pascal Prin presented the ELA organisation during the 4th Collaborative International Forum of human Gene therapy" class="glossy" title="Procedure involving the insertion of a normal gene into an organism in order to achieve a therapeutic objective. This gene (transgene) can be the normal version of a defective gene causing disease or a gene that produces a protein with any therapeutic action." >Gene Therapy for Genetic Diseases, in front of an audience of scientists and representatives of different associations. It was the occasion to meet the Japanese A-Future organisation, with the aim of the creation of ELA Japan.




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From left to right: Sawa IWASADA, Translator, Pascal PRIN, ELA Treasurer, Rie HONMA, President of the association A-Future, Guy ALBA, ELA President, Ai HONMA, Treasurer of the Association A-Future and Moi HANZAWA, Director of the association A-Future.